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Project Christmas Wish 2020
8.9 of 16

Project Christmas Wish

HD 7.10 85 min
In the town of Elmhurst, Lucy works for her best friend Joan at her home d├ęcor and design shop. But if Lucy is being honest, her heart is on her Christmas side job of organizing for the last ten years Project Christmas Wish, which she created, it which tries to grant the holiday related wishes of town residents as best it can. Why she is so invested in this endeavor is in her own Christmas wish being granted when she and her mother Joyce were going through some difficult times upon the passing of Joyce's husband/Lucy's father when Lucy was a child, and thus she truly believing in the power of wishes. Project Christmas Wish highlights one wish every year as a means to engage the community. The wish that Lucy plans to highlight this year after an impromptu declaration on the radio is for eight year old Max, recently moved to town and having trouble finding her place. Her wish: to have a Merry Christmas like she used to before her mother passed three years ago, Max's father, Lucas, who has not been able to get into the Christmas spirit since in missing his wife, Stephanie. Lucy making as public a declaration of highlighting Max's wish as the focus for the Project this year is before Lucy learns that Lucas had no idea that Max either had this wish or was going to make such a public declaration. Despite not wanting to be the focus of the town, Lucas feels that he has no other choice but to indulge Max in this very public granting of her wish. As Lucy goes about trying to make Max remember the joys of Christmas, especially with her mother no longer alive, Max decides to alter her wish in making it a Merry Christmas equally for her and for her father. In the process, Max may get that additional wish in Lucas and Lucy falling for each other. But a Merry Christmas this year may be in jeopardy if their mutual feelings are overtaken by both not yet being ready to open their hearts romantically, for Lucas in not wanting to forget Stephanie, and for Lucy in not wanting to be hurt again as was the case in the dissolution of her first marriage.


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