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Paradise Hills 2019
6.1 of 134

Paradise Hills

HD 5.40 95 min
In an undetermined future, society has divided into two sub-types: upper-class or "Uppers", and the rest of the world, mid and lower-class, named "Lowers". Uma is a privileged young woman who is adamantly against marrying another Upper, named Son. Instead, she falls in love with a working class young man named Markus. She is thus sent to Paradise Hills, a school for young ladies located in a remote island in the middle of the ocean. Waking up in Paradise not knowing how she arrived there, she soon meets other students: Amarna, a pop-star who was sent after she decided to sing her own songs against the will of the company that controls her records. Chloe, a plus-sized young lady those parents want to turn thin and compliant. And Yu, a Lower who was sent by her aunt and uncle after refusing to inherit her family business. Uma then meets the eccentric Duchess, Paradise Hills' headmaster. She tries to convince Uma to marry up, just as her mother wants her to. Uma soon suspects a hidden purpose behind all the facility's luxuries. Its elegant staging and the daily sessions of make-up, hairdressing, good manners and therapy are not working on any of her classmates, either. While Amarna and Uma concoct a plan to escape; the latter becomes shocked when Markus appears as part of the Paradise Hills' staff. Amarna, who had started to feel attracted to Uma, feels bitter about this. Finally, alerted by Amarna about their dinners being laced with a sleep-inducing substance, Uma manages to investigate Paradise Hills at night. Discovering the bone-chilling truth: the island is a giant control room to analyze the students' behavior and appearance, in order to be replicated by Lower women, hired to replace the Uppers after the original women are killed. With time running against her, Uma and the rest of her girl gang must find a way to survive before they are up next.


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