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Major League 2 1994
7.3 of 84

Major League 2

HD 5.60 105 min
Last season, the Cleveland Indians won the division title, but they were defeated in the American League championship series (ALCS) by the Chicago White Sox. The success of last season has changed the attitudes of the Indians. Pitching sensation Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn is now a yuppie who feels like he's lost his edge on his fastball. Homerun hitter Pedro Cerrano underwent a spiritual conversion, from aggressive voodoo to placid Buddhism, and his batting has declined. Roger Dorn retired and has replaced Rachel Phelps as the owner of the team. Catcher Jake Taylor has also retired to become one of the coaches who work for manager Lou Brown. Willie Mays Hayes is still as fast as ever, but he has added some power to his hitting. The Indians get off to another slow start, then Roger makes a big move by signing arrogant power hitting catcher Jack Parkman, who is a bully. Also, minor league catcher Rube Baker is called up to the Indians, even though Rube has a throwing problem. The signing of Jack Parkman has put Roger in a financially tough spot, so Roger later trades Jack to the Chicago White Sox, the team that stopped the Indians from going to the World Series last season. In return, the Indians have received left fielder Isuro Tanaka, who is a gifted fielder. Roger then sells the team back to Rachel Phelps, because Roger needs the money. Rachel sees this as an opportunity to get revenge on the Indians for what happened last season, so she tries to find ways to make them have a losing season this time. When Lou suffers a heart attack, he convinces Jake to take over as the Indians' substitute manager. Jake leads the Indians to their second consecutive division title, and another shot at the ALCS and their opponents are again the Chicago White Sox. This time, the Indians are determined to win, and they'll do whatever it takes to do it.


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