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A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love 2020
9.4 of 13

A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love

HD 6.80 85 min
In Boise, Idaho, Pat Godfrey and Margie Southworth were each other's first love, something especially important for Margie in Pat and his family feeling like a real family unlike her emotionally distant one. Margie's first job working for retailer Connor and Co. at their Oak Street store also felt like family, especially under her manager, Willa. But when Pat moved to Hawaii immediately following high school for his dream of working in the outdoor adventure business, Margie decided to stay in Boise, despite he asking her to go with him, in believing it was something short term while he discovered what would be his true life and career. It's now twenty years later just before Christmas. Margie is still working at Connor and Co., but in their regional office, still in Boise, as the VP of Marketing and Promotions, with Willa still her boss. Margie met her current boyfriend of six months, Scott, in the company, he working in a field office ninety minutes away, meaning that they have been doing the long distance relationship thing. When Scott is brought into the regional office for training under Margie, they will get an opportunity to deepen their relationship in the probability that he is training for a job in the Boise office. Meanwhile, Pat, now divorced and the primary parent to two adolescent sons, John and PJ, has just sold his outdoor adventure company in Hawaii for a job in Boise, this move in an effort to be closer to his ex-wife Casey in San Francisco for the boys' sake, and to be closer to his now widowed mother, Lois, with who they will be living until they find something more permanent. Pat's plan takes a turn when that job falls through, meaning he has to find a job for security for the boys. Although he was planning on contacting Margie in the new year just as old friends would, fate seems to be usurping Pat in he and Margie accidentally running into each other. That first accidental encounter is followed by another and another. While Lois believes their encounters are "Godwinks" at work telling them that they are meant to be together, which is the case if they listen to their hearts, their brains may be telling them something else. Pat feels his first priority is to find that job regardless of what that actually means in practical terms, and Margie feels the need to explore what a more dedicated relationship with Scott entails, while both begin to believe that Scott being brought in for training at the Boise office means work changes for both of them, and not necessarily in a good way for Margie.


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